Review of Web Conferencing - Where's Sametime?

In a recent review of web conferencing services in Infoworld magazine, IBM Lotus Web Conferencing (Sametime) was notably absent from the review (WebEx, Macromedia Breeze and Microsoft Live Office were reviewed). Once one of the market leaders in this space, Sametime has fallen by the wayside. Why? In this author's opinion, the product hasn't kept pace with its competitors and was late to the game with a hosted service offering. Go to the WebEx website and participate in a free, live demo and you'll see the difference for yourself.

Lotus' next generation collaboration platform, IBM Workplace has improved capabilities in this area but it's not yet ready for enterprise deployment. Given IBM's past history of innovation, I have little doubt that IBM Workplace will improve on Sametime's capabilities and once again be a competitor to WebEx, Macromedia and Microsoft.


Blake said…
I have been using Sametime for the past years and I can say that I'm still having satisfied video meetings through this. I don't have any idea on why it was not included in the review, but I'm glad that you have brought it up. Given the chance this weekend, in an office space in Dulles, V.A.'s video conference, I'd try using WebEx. The other team in meeting space, Washington D.C. are into Macromedia, perhaps we would talk on which software to use on our conference. If such issues arises, I'd be glad to tell it to you. Thanks again!