Sneak peak at "Hannover" - the new post-7.0 Notes client

At the IBM Lotus Technical Forum 2005 in Hannover, Germany, earlier today, Ambuj Goyal, IBM General Manager of Workplace, Portal & Collaboration Software, announced details of the future strategy and roadmap for Lotus Notes. This included a "sneak peak" at the new, post-7.0 version of Lotus Notes - code named "Hannover. "

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IBM hasn't yet shipped Notes and Domino 7 yet which is due out later this summer.

The sneak peak is interesting for several reasons:

  • It demonstrates IBM's commitment to Notes (e.g. Notes is not "dead"
  • More than just a UI-makeover, it shows IBM's commitment to innovation. One example is activity-centric collaboration feature found in Hannover. (similar to activity explorer in IBM Workplace). Combined with other new features, IBM is raising the bar on delivering contextual collaboration.
  • Hanover will support not only Windows clients (like the current, shipping Notes client) but Linux and Mac as well (can you say "Eclipse?")

The sneak peak also raises some interesting questions

  • If the IBM Worlplace rich client and Hannover both use Eclipse and are based on the same code, what's the difference? What are the factors that customers need to consider when selecting a client?
  • What's the upgrade path for existing Notes customers? (Eclipse generally has higher system requirements than notice Win32 applications like Notes 6.5/7.0. In addition, deployment and upgrade is also a consideration.
  • When will Hannover be available? Will there be a "regular" Notes 7.5 release in 12-18 months (standard schedule) or will the next release be Hanover?
  • Integration of Hannover with back-end services - traditional Domino-based (Sametime, Quickplace, etc.) and IBM Workplace. What integration does Hannover provide?

Stay tuned to this blog! More information will be posted as it becomes available!