US Open

I attended the US Open tennis tournament on Friday evening. The picture at left is me and Andy Roddick. Ok, he wasn't really in the picture with me - the folks at the Lexus booth superimposed it. I was given a special code to download the photo from the Lexus website - free of charge - when I got home. Lexus replaced Lincoln as the "car" sponsor this year. IBM remained a big sponsor and was responsible for the official US Opne web site, among other things.

Before settling down for the match, I dined at Champions Bar and Grill and had a delicious tuna steak. Then, I settled down for two matches: Venus Williams defeated Daneila Hantuchova (6-3, 6-3) and Roger Federer defeated Fabrice Santoro (7-5 7-5 7-6). The Federer/Santoro match was a great match with Santoro delivering some amazing shots.

An interesting use of technology was American Express Radio Live. If you had an American Express Card and presented it at their booth, you would receive a Sony AM/FM radio tuned to the live play-by-play for the match - the same as the TV broadcast. Instead of TV commercials, you'd hear information about the event (where to eat, what to see etc.). At the end of the match, you gave the radio back. If you didn't give the radio back, you got charged $50. The radio was fixed to a specific station (88.3 I believe) and you couldn't change it. I really enjoyed listening to the play by play and felt it really added to my enjoyment of the match. I hope they do this again next year.

Star sightings this year: Nicole Kidman, Tony Bennett