IBM Northeast Seminar Comes To You

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in the IBM Northeast Seminar Comes to You at the IBM offices at 590 Madison Ave in New York City.  A two day event, the focus was technical presentations on IBM Lotus products and services.  The customers ranged in size and represented a variety of industries and all had significant investments in IBM and Lotus technologies.

My particular session was titled "Workplace of the Future at IBM" and I focused on our internal IT deployment to 400,000 employees worldwide.   I spoke on IBM's approach to develop a comprehensive workplace strategy that includes not only technology, but the human resources, communications, legal, security and user segmentation aspects in order to deliver just the right set of IT services to users based on job role.    Naturally, IBM leverages as much of its own technology internally to "use what we sell" but there are a number of technology gaps where IBM is required to leverage third-party solutions.   In addition, since a significant portion of our business is consulting and services,  it is often necessary to leverage the same technology that are customers are using.  Finally, with the consumerization of IT, employees are increasingly wanting to leverage personally owned devices - namely laptops, smartphones and tablets for business purposes.

In short, it was a great event and I look forward to follow-up sessions to speak with customers in more detail.