HP Discontinues Windows Home Server

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that they were removing the drive extender technology used in the new version of Windows  Home server (codename: Vail) and Small Business Server (codename: Aurora).   While Windows Home Server has a number of key features, arguably, the drive extended technology is a key feature and one that differentiates Windows Home Server from the competition (e.g Drobo).  Subsequently, HP announced that they were discontinuing their MediaSmart line of Window Home server in favor a new line of products powered by Palm WebOS. You may recall that HP acquired Palm earlier this year. While HP was certainly not the only vendor that manufactured and sold Windows Home Server (e.g. LaCie), it was certainly the largest and given HP's actions, the future of Windows Home Server is very much in doubt.

Readers of my blog will recall that I'm a big fan of Windows Home Server.  I purchased my HP MediaSmart server in January, 2008 when it first started shipping.  I upgraded to the new MediaSmart 3.0 software earlier this year after upgrading the memory to 2GB (from 512MB).    In over two years since purchasing it, I've found Windows Home Server to be an invaluable piece of hardware and I have every intention to continue to use it as long as it is functional.

This is the second time this year that Microsoft has killed products that I depend on and use each and everyday (Microsoft Money was the other).    I still plan to continue using Microsoft Money (both Quicken and Mint are poor replacements) and I hope that someone comes up with a hack to keep online services active after the end of January 2011 sunset date.