Lotus Notes To Do's

As a longtime Lotus Notes user, one of my favorite features is To Do's.   This feature allows me to eliminate the Post It Notes and other scraps of paper to track tasks and reminders.  By storing them in Lotus Notes, everything is in one place and easily searchable.  Another key advantage is that I can access To Do's from the Notes client, a web browser or even a smartphone (e.g. BlackBerry).   This makes it easy for access my list anywhere, anytime from a variety of devices and makes it easier to keep up to date.

I use this feature of both work and personal reminders and I use the "category" feature to keep them organized.  While To Do's can be assigned to other users, I only assign them to myself.  I'll typically use Lotus Connections Activities to track action items assigned to others as part of a project.

Another favorite feature of mine is "Follow-up."  I'll be writing about this feature in an upcoming blog post.