2010 Year in Review

I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect back on 2010.  Key themes of 2010 from an workplace enterprise technology perspective (e.g. end user computing)

  • Apple iPad. Apple defined a new category and shipped ~15 million tablets. Look for sales to increase in 2011 with a full year of sales and a new updated iPad. Apple should also see competition from other vendors, namely Android (e.g. Galaxy Tab) and we'll likely see HP (e.g. WebOS), Microsoft (e.g. Windows, Windows Phone 7) and RIM (e.g. QNX) offerings as well. Competition is a good for consumers.
  • Apple released the iPhone 4 and the app store grew to over 300,000 apps 
  • Google Android grew from shipping 30,000 smartphones in January to over 300,000 in December to challenge the iPhone.   Samsung shipped 1.5 million the Galaxy Tab tablets
  • RIM releases the BlackBerry Torch and new 6.0 operating system to compete with the likes of Apple and Google. 
  • While the final numbers aren't in, it is expected that more than 250 million smartphones shipped in 2010.   HP purchased Palm and Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 and shipped 1.5 million units
  • Overwhelmingly, employees want to use personally owned smartphones and tablets for business purposes (i.e. consumerization of IT)
  • The PC is not dead and neither is Microsoft Windows. Over 350,000 PCs shipped in 2010, most running Windows 7, which shipped in 2009.  Enterprise deployment of Microsoft Windows 7 is well underway as a replacement for Windows XP which goes out of support in 2014.  6b4-bit computing becomes mainstream.
  • Apple Macintosh sales continue to grow (and approach the iPad) with close to 3.5 million per quarter.   Apple released new MacBook Pros and Airs.  Apple's market capitalization is $300 million, second only to ExxonMobil and passed Microsoft earlier this year.  Apple also released a new AppleTV and sold 1.5 million units.  Not bad for a "hobby".
  • Social media continues to gain momentum both inside and outside the enterprise.  Facebook eclipsed 500 million members worldwide - more than the population of the US.   Inside the enterrprise, more and more companies are adopting social media.  IBM released Lotus Connections 3.0 in November.   Even with the rapid growth of social media, e-mail continues to live on, particularly in the enterprise.  
  • Microsoft Office 2010 and IBM Lotus Symphony 3 were released
  • Cloud took a big step forward in 2010 with the introduction of Microsoft Office Web Apps to compete with Google.  IBM released Lotus Symphony 3.0.  Microsoft Office365 announced.  LotusLive Notes and iNotes were introduced 

My favorites of 2010