GPS Drive turn-by-turn directions for iPhone - thumbs up!

One of the limitations of the Apple iPhone is that it doesn't offer free turn by turn navigation.   Virtually all other smartphone platforms offer this capability.  Due to the cost, I've been resisting purchasing GPS for the iPhone (I'm cheap) but GPS Drive at $1 for the first month and then $3 a month or $25 a year seemed too good to pass up.  Gizmodo posted a positive review last year and called GPS Drive a "best value."

I purchased GPS Drive from the Apple iTunes app store earlier this week.  While I've only been using the application for a few days, I'm impressed.  The application is very easy to use and the built-in voice support provides clear, spoken directions (e.g. turn left on Bigelow road) so I don't have to take my eyes off the road to look at the iPhone screen.   I purposely went off track on several occasions and GPS Drive recovered and rerouted.   I'll using GPS Drive more in the coming weeks and sharing my thoughts on this blog.  And the great thing about it is after using it for $1 for the first 30 days, I only need to pay for it when I need it.  For example, if I need it two months from now, I can pay $3 at that time and get to use it for another 30 days.

Special thanks to my colleague Bill Tworek who recommended this application.


Jean-Noel said…
Hi Chris

nice choice. I would also recommend waze at which a social GPS . Works well on droid phone but should deliver same quality of service on iPhone (and blackberry) as well.
Chris Pepin said…
Very cool! I'll install it and check it out this weekend. Thanks for the pointer