Lotusphere 2011: ID702 Smartphones at IBM

My presentation from Lotusphere 2011 earlier this week in Orlando, FL


Bryan said…
Since you're with IBM. Do you have any idea when Lotus Domino is going to support WP7 or if it's on the radar. I use Domino heavily at my location and was pleasantly surprised when with the iPhone support coming so quickly but I expected the same for WP7. I'm not to impressed with Ed Brill's response either.
Chris Pepin said…
Thanks Bryan. I suspect that as demand increases IBM will look to provide support but I will defer to Ed. My wife has a Windows Phone 7 (Samsung Focus) and I've used iNotes Ultra-light via the web browser with the Lotus Mobile Connect reverse proxy. While not officially supported, it works great. I'm a fan of Windows Phone 7 but Microsoft has its work ahead to make it competitive with iPhone and Android. I plan to blog on this topic soon