Samsung Galaxy Tab (AT&T) quick take - Thumbs down!

I've been testing a wi-fi only AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab for the past month.  While I can't recommend it, the news out of Barcelona is that we'll be seeing a new, larger Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 later this year which promises to address some of the current shortcomings.


  • Gorgeous screen
  • Build quality (solid)
  • Great size for reading e-books and fits into a large pocket


  • Cost: $549
  • AT&T prohibits installation of out of market applications to be installed.  It was necessary to jailbreak the tablet in order to install other applications (e.g. Lotus Traveler)
  • User interface not optimized for tablets and need some polish (usability)

While far from perfect, the Apple iPad 16GB wi-fi only tablet at $499 retail is tough to beat.  Android tablets need to be better and cheaper to pose a serious challenge to the iPad.


NotesSensei said…
The Galaxy retails (with a contract) in Singapore at 194 USD and SingTel allows the Appshop. So 2 of three issue are actually AT&T.
But I concur: usability must improve