What I'd like to see Apple announce on March 2

Next Wednesday, March 2, Apple has a media event scheduled.  It's a virtual certainty that Apple will announce the new iPad.  Here's what I'd like to see:
  • iPad.  Improved non-reflective screen, better case that's less slippery, camera (front and rear facing).  Keep the base price ($499) the same, lose the cord (I want the ability to sync wirelessly), I'd also like a better connector (e.g. magnetic power cord like the Macs). 
  • Apple iOS 5.0.   The ability to sync wirelessly and automatically (e.g. iTunes in the cloud), free MobileMe (not just find my phone), better notifications, ability to add more icons on the iPad screen or make them bigger (too much real estate is wasted), live tiles that display data (weather, stock quotes etc. like Windows Phone 7 and Android), data sharing across all iOS devices (e.g. all my photos show on all my devices: iPhone, iPad), the ability to update the OS without a cable (over the air or wireless), improved backup and restore (all always lose stuff when I restore)
  • Apple TV.  I still like my Apple TV 2 but other than adding a few new features (e.g. Airplay) Apple has done much.  I want apps and I want them now.  One app in particular I want is Major League Baseball so I can watch all the Red Sox games.  


Jean-Noel said…
I'm also looking forward for iPad V2 with a real improvement over v1 and not only adding front/rear camera and speed bump. Retina display like will be a great addition and also a SD port as well. And I echo you about wireless sync, surprisingly this is already possible on android (via doubletwist)
Chris Pepin said…
I can also sync media wirelessly via Windows Phone 7. Doubletwist works but lacks polish - especially the PC software
Luis Benitez said…
+1 to apps on AppleTV