Apple Announces the iPad 2

As expected, Apple announced the iPad 2 yesterday.  There were no major surprises at the announcement.  As usual, most of the items on my wish list weren't delivered (I ask for alot).   But this by no means the iPad 2 announcement was a disappointment.  The fact that Apple will be delivering a more powerful iPad at the same price as before (which still undercuts Android competitors) speaks volumes.   Key features of the iPad 2:

  • Processor: 1GHz dual-core A5 chip.  Reports from users who have used the new iPad are that it's noticeably faster than the previous model
  • Video output: HDMI output capable of 1080p.  Apple Digital AV Adapter costs $39.
  • Speaker: new and improved
  • Screen: 1024 x 768 resolution and IPS LCD screen technology (unchanged)
  • Cameras: front and rear.  720p video recording at 30fps will be on tap from the rear-facing camera, which can also do a 5x digital zoom if you're into that kind of thing, whereas the front-facing imager will record at a more modest VGA resolution, also at 30fps
  • Operating system: iOS 4.3.  However, the new wi-fi hotspot capability is exclusive to the iPhone and won't work with the iPad
  • Case: 33% thinner.  Roughly the same weight as the original.  Redesigned case is supposedly easier to hold.  Choice of white and black cases
  • Battery life: 10 hours (unchanged)
  • iTunes: 10.2
  • New applications: iMovie and GarageBand.  $4.99 each from the app store.  FaceTime (free)
  • Availability: March 11
  • Pricing: Same as before.  Starts at $499 for the 16GB model


Jean-Noel said…
bottom line are you getting a new one ? I'm wondering, indeed a great speed bump (A5 dualcore & GPU) but I'm unlcear about ram (still 256 ?) , screen remains exactly the same. Camera has been added (back & front). But I have the feeling a V3 is not far away and today looks more as an evolution rather a revolution. Hopefully price remains unchanged.
Chris Pepin said…
Yes, I will be getting one. Rumors abound for iPad 3. There's always something better coming out