Monday, April 04, 2011

AT&T Microcell Update - Windows Phone 7

I've had great success with the AT&T microcell improving cell phone and data coverage in my home office. Without it, I get one bar of AT&T service - on a good day.  With the microcell, I get a full 5 bars.  However, I recently obtained an LG Quantum WP7 (AT&T) for testing and couldn't get it to recognize the microcell.   I tried multiple times to add the number to the whitelist and even swapping out sims and trying different phones but I couldn't get my new number to work.  I called the AT&T help desk and after troubleshooting unsuccessfully for 30 minutes, they recommended that deregistering the microcell and re-register it which did the trick.  Now all of my phones, including my new LG Quantum Windows Phone 7 recognizes the AT&T microcell and get a full 5 bars of service.   This will help greatly with my testing efforts.

On a related topic, Ed Brill announced on his blog that IBM is exploring offering Lotus Domino support for Window Phone 7.

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