Automotive Telematics

I'm looking replace my aging 2001 Toyota Avalon in the next year or so and I'm increasingly interested in cars equipped with automotive telematic which provides on board communications, entertainment and integration with smartphones such as the Apple iPhone.  The extent of telematics in my Avalon is limited to a cassette adapter so I can play MP3s from my various smartphones.

Microsoft and Ford released Sync (later renamed MyFord Touch) a few years ago.  Microsoft also partnered with Kia to develop the UVO system for the 2011 Sorrento.  At CES earlier this year, Toyota announced the Entune system.  Earlier this week, Toyota and Microsoft announced a new partnership to develop telematic systems.   Given my preference for Toyota automobiles (in addition to my 2001 Avalon, I also have a 2006 Sienna AWD minivan) I'll be looking closer at the Toyota Entune system when it gets added to yet unannounced Toyota and Lexus models.

For more information on telematics and car tech, head over to CNET


Jean-Noel said…
The new Ford Focus is looking quite interesting in that respect as well. Otherwise new Chevy Volt which brings latest connectivity technology (you may remotely manage your car) and also worth to mention Saab (with Android) and BMW.
Chris Pepin said…
I've seen the Ford Focus which uses the Microsoft Sync technology. They had a Chevy Volt on display at Lotusphere in January. A bit pricey for a car with a tiny back seat and no power seats. BMW is a bit out of my price range. I'll check out Saab
Jean-Noel said…
Good cnet review for new BMW X3