IBM Connections on mobile devices

Earlier this month, IBM announced the availability of IBM Connections 3.0.1 social software for the enterprise.  The 3.0 release at the end of last year brought an improved mobile web interface.  The mobile web interface has been expanded in 3.0.1 to include support for RIM BlackBerry 6.0 and Google Android.    While a native Connections client is available from RIM, it only works with Lotus Connections 2.5.   I'm eagerly awaiting a native Connections client for Apple iOS and Android.

If you're interested in trying the mobile web interface for yourself, Lotus Greenhouse is running the current Connections 3.0.1 release and can be accessed via the mobile URL:


Brownie said…
If you have a listen to This Week In Lotus 48 ( we announced the pending release in May of the native iOS App iWildfire for Connections.

Tweet me @adambrownaus with the hash tag #iwildfire and we can add you to the beta list.
Chris Pepin said…
Thanks Adam. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the beta and I'll tweet you shortly and listed to the This Week in Lotus Podcast.