Windows Phone 7 Updates from AT&T

I updated two Windows 7 smartphones to the latest maintenance release this morning.   1) my wife's Samsung Focus and 2) my LG Quantum. The upgrade was painless and took roughly 45 minutes for each phone. The update was initiated by connecting the phone via a USB cable to a Windows PC running the Zune software.

  • (7008) MR which prepares the WP7 device to accept the enhanced (7390 "Nodo") update.
  • (7390 "Nodo") MR update that adds new device functionality.

New functionality includes:
  • Microsoft: copy/paste, improved performance: apps start faster, marketplace improvements: can search just for apps now, Exchange 2003 uses can now use the GAL, wi-fi enhancements and optimizations
  • AT&T: access to AT&T hotspots, AT&T address book, bug fixes

At Mix'11, Microsoft apologized for the delays in getting the update out as well as details on the next major update, codenamed "Mango" which is due out later this year.

In a related note, I received an invitation to participate in the Microsoft Office 365 beta yesterday.   I'm most interested in the integration with Windows Phone 7, which includes Office and Sharepoint integration and I'll be blogging about my experiences.