Sametime 8.52 support for mobile devices

Last week, IBM announced that Sametime 8.52 would be available on June 10.  This release has a wealth of new features but two in particular will be of interest to smartphone and tablet users:
  • A new Instant Messaging client and a Sametime Unified Telephony (SUT) dialer for Google Android devices
  • A new Sametime Meeting client for Research In Motion (RIM) Blackberry devices
At present, IBM has a native Sametime instant messaging client for RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian.  A new native Android client with advanced capabilities such as SUT is a welcomed addition.  A native client for Apple iPhone/iPad is due out later this year.

In addition to the new instant messaging client for Android, a brand-new Sametime meeting (web conference) client is coming.  Greenhouse users may recall a similar beta LotusLive meetings client in the past but the advantage of the new client is that it works against an on-premise Sametime meeting infrastructure as opposed to a cloud hosted LotusLive service and is fully-supported.


Viacheslav said…
Good day Chris,

could you tell is IBM plan to support Sametime Mobile clients in the same manner like Sametime Connect (java extendable realization) or IBM plan to support only group of native clients plus web client for mobile devices?

Could you also tell a rough release version for this feature if the same plan exist?

With best regards,
Chris Pepin said…
The later - native clients plus web. Sametime Mobile is available for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android. Apple iOS native client coming later this year
cmobilephones said…
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