Amazon Kindle impressions - thumbs up!

I returned from a week-long vacation to Fire Island and Montauk (Long Island) and I took my new Amazon Kindle (generation 2) along.   I purchased it in May from as the deal of the day - only $89 (refurbished).  With the summer and vacations, I have some time to catch up on my reading and the Kindle is a great device.  While a tablet like the iPad is more versatile, it does a poor job in direct sunlight like the pool or beach - where I do most of my reading.  In addition, I'd much rather take an $89 device to the beach or pool than a $500+ device that could get damaged.  The included 3G service (but no wi-fi) makes it easy to download books in seconds.  With few exceptions, all the books I read are free. regularly has links to free books.  In addition, the Kindle Store on the Kindle has a list of the 100 best selling free books.  I'm also looking forward to downloading books from my local library to the Kindle later this year.   I've included my video review of the Kindle below.