Google+ social network

Last week, Google released its long-anticipated social network and FaceBook competitor - Google+.  It's an interesting mix of innovation, elegant user interface, geek-features and duplication of other services.  I've been using it for a few days now and so far it shows promise.  Will it force a mass-migration from FaceBook?  No, but it should force FaceBook to innovate (FaceBook has a "big" announcement scheduled for later this week)  and I for one will be using both Google+ and FaceBook. Google+ may prove to techy for many FaceBook users.  However, like Google's Android tablet and smartphone operating system that's not a bad thing.  I'm not a fan of one-size fits all.  Choice benefits the user and drives innovation.

Of course there's a Google+ mobile application in the marketplace.  However, what really excites me is the possibility of integrating Google+ directly inAndroid.   While some smartphones (Windows Phone, WebOS) integrate social media directly into the operating system without the need for a separate, standalone mobile application.   However, both Google Android and Apple iOS have poor social media integration in my opinion.  Yes, Twitter will be integrated in Apple iOS 5 this fall but FaceBook integration in the operating system is no where to be found (likely due to licensing issues).  With Google the only company to provide both a mobile operating system  (Android) and a social media platform (Google+) this would seem to be a no brainer.  That said, I've a bit disappointed in the the rate and pace of innovation of Android in the last year.   Google needs to deliver on the promises of Google IO in their next major release this year - ice cream sandwich..  However, Apple iOS 5 is due out first and has a host of next features and is likely to be accompanied by a new phone (e.g. iPhone 5) and should steal some of Android's thunder.   The ability for a user to upgrade an iPhone seamlessly via iTunes is a huge advantage over Android.

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