Book review: iPad in the Enterprise - thumbs up!

"iPad in the Enterprise" is geared towards IT staff looking to deploy Apple iPad for business.  Key topics include: strategy, architecture, design, development and deployment.  The first few chapters are high-level and address the mobile landscape, consumerization of IT and the need for an enterprise strategy.   Later sections go into greater technical detail including code samples.  The sections generally stand on their own making this book great as a reference manual.

I liked the book's focus on applications and use cases.   Too often, we get caught up in the "coolness" of the iPad and lose sight of users and applications.   A variety of vertical and horizontal applications (internal and external), off-the-shelf and custom applications as well as application architectures including native, web, hybrid and virtual are discussed along with the advantages and disadvantages.

The book provides a good overview but there were topics that I would have liked to see more detail:

  • Security, end-point management, malware and data at rest security
  • Social applications (e.g. FaceBook, Twitter, IBM Connections, Sharepoint etc.)
  • Deployment, education and support
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity and solutions
  • E-mail, contacts and calendar are the most widely-used enterprise applications and I would have liked to see more detail on Apple's implementation
  • Key limitations of the iPad compared to other platforms and iPad in the context of a larger, heterogeneous mobile strategy

That said, the book does a good job of covering the bases and I recommend it. 

Book details:
Title: "iPad in the Enterprise - Developing and Deploying Business Applications"
Author: Nathan Clevenger
Publisher: Wiley
Price: $44.95.  Buy the book on  When I last checked, the price was $25
Pages: 374