Happy Birthday IBM PC!

Today, August 12, marks the 30th anniversary of the IBM PC 5150.   I'm proud to remember using this machine to learn BASIC programming (along with my TRS80 Color Computer).  Much has changed in 30 years since the IBM PC was introduced and arguably, much has changed just in the in the last 16 months since Apple introduced the iPad.  While the iPad wasn't the first tablet computer, it's certainly the most popular in history.  Many believe, including IBM's Mark Dean, that we're in the "post-PC era."   To be sure, the definition of a PC or "personal computer" is changing.  What started out as a heavy, grey metal box on a desk has evolved, and is continuing to evolve into smaller, portable, easier to use and more useful devices for both consumers and enterprises alike.   With the amount of innovation just in the last two years, I can't wait to see what the next 30 years will bring.