Book review: "Get Bold Using Social Media to Create a New Type of Social Business" - thumbs up!

My IBM colleague, Sandy Carter, has published a new book "Get Bold Using Social Media to Create a new type of Social Business" that I highly recommend.  And at $8.57 for the Kindle edition, it's a bargain as well.

From the very first page in the forward by Charlene Li, the book cuts to the chase and explains why business is personal and provides specific examples of how social media adds context.   While there are lots of books (and blogs) that extol the virtues of social media for business, Sandy provides a concise definition of what a social business is (engaged, transparent and nimble) and provides a framework for enterprises interested in becoming a social business:


  • Align organizational goals and culture
  • Gain social trust
  • Engage through experience
  • Network your business processes
  • Design for reputation and risk management
  • Analyse your data
One of my favorite quotes from the book is "culture trumps strategy."  The transition to becoming a social business requires a significant cultural transformation that goes far beyond technology.  Throughout the book, Sandy provides best practices from over 70 companies based on practical, real-world experience that both the novice and seasoned social media professionals will find valuable.   I highly recommend this book!



Mitch Mckinley said…
This book can certainly help our SEO company learn more about social media policies and optimization. I'll definitely grab a copy of this.