Lotusphere 2012 wrap-up

Lotusphere 2012, IBM's annual collaboration conference wrapped up on Thursday, January 19 with a special visit from Andrew Zimmern, TV food personality.  eWeek published their top ten list for the conference and I humbly submit my top 8 list:

  1. Mobile.  At Lotusphere last year, IBM made a number of mobile product announcements.  At Lotusphere this year, IBM successfully delivered on those promises.  Almost everyone I saw at the conference had a smartphone, tablet or both and several remarked that it was their primary device (replacing a laptop).   IBM announced new mobile capabilities including Lotus Traveler support for the up-and-coming Windows Phone platform a new "Flipboard-like" mobile interface for IBM Connections.
  2. Social.  At Lotusphere 2011, lots of companies were talking about becoming social and this year companies where actually doing it.  IBM Connections is the premier enterprise platform for social and goes far beyond a simple online file repository.  IBM announced new capabilities including email support in IBM Connections (e.g. the future of email is social).  
  3. Cloud.  We're probably a year or two away from cloud disappearing from the vocabulary (remember Web 2.0?) as it becomes the de-facto standard for delivering IT.   Again this year, cloud was a big area of focus at Lotusphere with the re branding of LotusLive to IBM SmartCloud for Social Business.
  4. Analytics.  The amount of new data that is generated each day on the Internet is staggering.  Making better decisions based on that data is where analytics comes in.   IBM is adding analytic capabilities across the software portfolio.   
  5. Lotus/Domino Social Edition.  The next version of the Notes client includes embedded experiences as well as a web browser plug-in to access Notes content - without having to have the full Notes client installed.
  6. IBM Docs.  Formerly know as LotusLive Symphony, this is IBM's version of Google Docs.  The beta is available on Lotus Greenhouse.  
  7. Guest speakers.  Michael J Fox, Andrew Zimmern and  Dr. Jeffery Burns, Chief of the Division of Cricital Care Medicine at Children’s Hospital in Boston.   I particularly liked Dr. Burns presentation which spoke about collaboration between doctors to heal a patient similar to collaboration between gamers on an xBox console. 
  8. My presentation, "The New Workplace: Unleashing the Power of Enterprise Mobility" was attended by 143 people and over 850 (and counting) viewed the slides online via Slideshare.  Customers are still struggling with becoming a mobile business and my presentation provides a practical, step-by-step approach.  


Megan Irvine said…
Thanks for posting this! Sounds like fun. I wish I could have been there!