Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 now available

RIM BlackBerry released an over-the-air update to its PlayBook OS software earlier today.  I had been using the beta with  good success over the past few weeks.    The biggest new feature is the native email client which I configured to access to Gmail as well as access to my corporate Lotus Domino email through Lotus Traveler.  Note that IBM doesn't formally support Traveler for PlayBook at this time.  With the prior 1.0 release of PlayBook it was necessary to pair with BlackBerry smartphone and use the bridge software to access enterprise mail.   With the new 2.0 release, a BlackBerry smartphone is no longer needed and it can connect directly to the new BlackBerry Device Service which can in term connect to Domino or Exchange via Traveler or ActiveSync respectively.  Unfortunately, PlayBook can't connect to an existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server.  Enterprise BlackBerry customers wanting to support PlayBook will need to deploy new infrastructure.  This is also true of new Universal Device Service which allows the management of iOS and Android device (i.e. the Ubitexx MDM acquisition RIM made last year) and the new BlackBerry 10 devices that are due out later this year.

RIM's enterprise customers have some important decisions to make in the coming months with fierce competition from the upcoming iPad 3, Android tablets including a new Nook Tablet which matches the Kindle and PlayBook's $199 price and ARM-based Windows 8 tablets later this year.  While enterprises are likely to continue to adopt multiple mobile platform strategies, it remains to be seen if the enhancements RIM has planned will prove competitive - particularly in the US market.


Phil Scott said...

Hi Chris, you mention that you have configured the email client to connect to Domino. What settings have you used to get this running? We have traveler setup for Android and iOS and it would be great if we can get it for the PlayBook as well.

Alex Andrade said...

I thought they would launch 2.0 with the stand alone email connected with BES not only for email but also for intranet connectivity.

Phil, on your comment I had the same problem... tried using the same lotus traveler configuration used for ios but did not work...

IdoNotes said...

Yes you can hit the Traveler server. We talk about that and a ton more in the BlackBerry Today episode we published.


Phil Scott said...

Alex, that is exactly what I did but I get the error: "service for account (my email address) is not available. Access should be available soon. [Error code: 403]"

Is that the error your seeing?

Chris, is there a setting which needs to be enabled on the traveler server to get this to work, albeit unofficially? Any help would be appreciated because if this worked it would be great.

Chris Pepin said...

We had this working with the 2.0 beta but we're having trouble getting the gold code working. As soon as we get it working, I will post the config here

Brent Quick said...

Not sure if you got an answer to this but here is what I used.

Using Playbook 2.0's native Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync client leaving Domain blank and using email address as UserID works.

Have to provider FQDN/servlet/traveler

FYI Win 8 mail client does not seem to be happy with Traveler.