IBM Announces New Mobile Device Management Software

In addition to the Worklight acquisition that IBM announced earlier this week, IBM also announced IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices

"IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices helps organizations support and protect the growing mobile workforce. Through this software, firms can use a single solution to secure and manage smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops, desktop PCs, and servers. It manages Apple iOS, Google Android, Nokia Symbian, and Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows Phone devices."

IBM Endpoint Manager is the new name for Tivoli Endpoint Manager/BigFix.   At present, the product supports Windows, Linux , Mac PCs and Windows Mobile mobile devices.  The new version, shipping later this year, expands support for mobile devices including Apple iOS, Android, Nokia Symbian and Windows Phone.   A beta has been ongoing since September of last year.  Two weeks ago, the beta became public.  Interested customers can signup to participate on the web.

Source: IBM