IBM 2012 CEO Study: Mobile Changes Everything!

IBM has released its annual CEO study which includes input from 1,700 CEO's worldwide.  Of particular interest for me is the impact of mobility.  A few quotes from the paper:

  • "..convergence of the digital, social and mobile spheres — connecting customers, employees and partners in new ways to organizations and to each other"
  • "..customers are increasingly mobile, organizations must be active there too, ready to engage in the context of the moment"
  • "Smart, mobile devices are pervasive"
  • "Leverage the fact that mobile changes everything"
  • "Don’t think of mobile as a separate channel. Exploit augmented reality to make mobile part of integrated, multichannel customer experiences"
  • "Mobile not only enables greater connectivity; it also increases the odds that customers will be distracted. Interact in ways that are attention-grabbing, meaningful and, most of all, tailored to the individual."
  • "Ironically, the rise of digital, social and mobile technology is making people more important."

I should note, however, that the paper focuses on much more than mobility (e.g. social, analytics, collaboration and others).  I highly recommend reading the entire paper which is available on

Reference: IBM CEO Study 2012