Integration of Lotus Notes Traveler with Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices

IBM published a new solution brief titled "An integrated approach to managing and securing your mobile environment."  Lotus Traveler delivers push email, contacts and calendar for enterprise customers leveraging Lotus Notes and Domino.   While Lotus Traveler has powerful capabilities,it provides basic device management capabilities and many enterprises will want more control.  IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices, released earlier this year, provides advanced mobile device management capabilities for smartphones and tablets and compliments Lotus Traveler.  For example:
  1. Lotus Notes Traveler provides basic device management capabilities across a wide set of mobile platforms—Apple iOS, Google Android, Nokia Symbian and Microsoft Windows 
  2. Mobile Device management functionality through Lotus Notes Traveler is performed remotely via various synch protocols.  It is generally limited to remote wipe, passcode policies, remote lock and OS inventory.
  3. When integrated with Lotus Notes Traveler, Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices enables organizations to continue taking advantage of Lotus Notes Traveler’s agentless device management functionality, while also achieving advanced management capabilities on iOS and Android devices all from a single console and management server.
While Lotus Traveler and IBM Endpoint Manager complement one another, they are not required to be used together.  In addition, IBM Endpoint Manager can be used with other messaging services including Microsoft Exchange.   IBM has published a useful guide to assist clients in selecting an MDM tool.  


Henry Lotus said…
Chris the solution would be perfect if LMC will be added.
LMC should be controlled by Tivoli to disable device access via LMC if device is not compliant.
This solution is pretty interesting because with this it would be possible to allow other services beside mail as well.