New Version of IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices now available

IBM has released a new version of IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices with additional features to meet the growing need to manage enterprise smartphones and tablets.   First released in March 2012, IBM Endpoint Managed for Mobile Devices V8.2 was named to the "visionaries" quadrant in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management.

New features include:
  1. Self-Service Portal.  End-users to manage their own devices. Users can login to the portal using their AD/LDAP credentials. They can view device details; and, in the event of loss or theft, they can issue wipe, lock, or reset password commands, among others.
  2. Enhanced Enrollment Options.  Authenticated enrollment is now supported via AD/LDAP integration. Additionally, administrators can optionally present additional customizable questions during enrollment, including, for example, a custom end-user license agreement (EULA). These additional questions are asked in a web-browser which generates a PIN that can be entered in the iOS and Android apps to complete enrollment.
  3. Additional iOS Profile Options.  You can now deploy SCEP, LDAP, Credentials, APN, Web-clips and enterprise Wi-fi profiles.
  4. Mobile Device Overview Web Reports.  Overwiew Web Reports are available that display information about all the mobile devices in a deployment.
  5. Location Services for iOS.  This allows the administrator to locate iOS devices if the user has given the permission to do so.
  6. Bulk Import of Certificates.  You can now provision certificates for multiple devices by using one parameterized profile that is filled out by a script running on the iOS Extender.
  7. Office365 support.  You can now setup management of devices through Office365 (similar to Exchange).
  8. Ability to Support Multiple Management Extenders on the Same Machine.  You can install the Management Extenders for Exchange, Traveler and iOS on the same machine. Note, however, that you cannot install multiple extenders of the same type on the same machine (e.g., two Exchange extenders on the same machine).
  9. Scalability and performance enhancements.  The management extenders now uses incremental reports for less load on the TEM server and relays.
  10. Message Center for Android.  You can now see all the notifications sent to the Android agent as a list in the Android Agent UI.
Source: IBM


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I've documented the simple upgrade process here -
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