IBM Endpoint Manager MDM adds new mobile features

IBM has released a new version of IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Device Management (MDM) with the following new features:
1. Nitrodesk Touchdown support
The TEM Agent now integrates with Nitrodesk Touchdown. This allows TEM to control a richer set of configurations on Android devices, such as selective wipe, and security polices like password length, encryption etc.

2. Google Cloud Messaging
The Android agent can now use Google Cloud Messaging to provide much quicker response times to action commands.

3. Proxy Agent enhancements
The Proxy Agent now supports almost all 'Take Action Dialog' constraints, action locking as well as custom site subscription.
4. Data Usage Reporting
The iOS app can now report a device’s data usage information for the past 3 months.
5. Expanded Configuration Options for Authenticated Enrollment  Authenticated Enrollment and the Self Service Portal can now be configured to filter access according to group membership, and now supports additional advanced LDAP configurations (such as anonymous binding).
The "Data Usage Reporting" feature requires an update to the native iOS application (version 8.2.30001) available from the Apple App Store

Source:  DeveloperWorks