IBM Mobile Enterprise Social Media Residency

I spent an exciting week with my IBM colleagues from around the world at the Mobile Enterprise Social Media Residency in Raleigh, North Carolina last week. Sponsored by IBM International Technical Support Organization, the same team that creates RedBooks, the residency focused on leveraging external social media tools like Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn and YouTube to demonstrate thought leadership on the subject of mobile enterprise.   IBM offers a rich set of mobile products and services designed to assist clients deliver on the promise of becoming a mobile business.  The residency will be repeated Feb 11-15 and is open to business partners.

In addition to IBM's strong social media presence today via @IBMMobile on Twitter, IBMMobileEnterprise on YouTube, IBMMobile on LinkedIn and countless others, IBM will be creating a new blog dedicated to mobile - similar to the Thoughts on Cloud blog.   Along with my colleagues, I'll be blogging on the new site when it goes live early next year.  Stay tuned for details!