IBM announces MobileFirst

IBM has announced MobileFirst - the industry’s leading solutions and services for the mobile enterprise.  From the press release:

"Today unveiled IBM MobileFirst, the most comprehensive mobile portfolio that combines security, analytics and app development software, with cloud-based services and deep mobile expertise. Using IBM MobileFirst solutions, businesses can now streamline everything from the management of employee mobile devices, to the creation of a new mobile commerce app that will transform their entire business model."

MobileFirst includes:
  1. Solutions IBM MobileFirst Platform, IBM MobileFirst Security (e.g. AppScan), IBM MobileFirst Management and IBM MobileFirst Analytics
  2. Services: IBM MobileFirst Strategy and Design Services, IBM MobileFirst Development and Integration Services
  3. Ecosystem: Developers, Business Partners (e.g. AT&T) and Academics

IBM has been delivering mobile solutions for over 10 years and earlier this week was recognized by Forrester at the leader in Enterprise Mobility Services.   We're entering the second wave of mobile computing which is focused on turning mobile computing into a profit-generating platform.  Billions of dollars are at stake and enterprises that don't embrace the mobile revolution risk being left behind.  I'm proud to be an IBMer and to be assisting clients become a mobile enterprise.

MobileFirst on
Press release


Jeff Pinkston said…
Hi, Chris. Great information. Do you know how or if this will directly affect the IBM organizations that sell services for software products with mobility features, i.e. Traveler, Sametime Mobile, Connections Mobile,etc...?
Chris Pepin said…
Thanks Jeff. I expect that this announcement will continue to drive services for IBM's mobile software for clients that are looking for assistance with both project-based and managed services