Working from the IBM office vs. working from home

For the past five years, I've been working for IBM almost exclusively from my home office which offers a number of advantages:

  • No commute time
  • Less money spent on gasoline and less impact to the environment
  • Greater flexibility to spend time with my family
  • Less money spent on eating out for lunch and healthier eating
  • Mobile, collaboration and social technologies allow me to stay visible and work anywhere, anytime from any device. 

However, in addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages.   Working from home has its distractions (I have three young children) and it can be difficult to separate home from work.  In addition, I miss personal contact with colleagues.  I decided earlier this year, as part of a new position I took at IBM, to request an office at IBM's Southbury location which is roughly a 25 minute commute from my house.

I've been working from the IBM office for a month now and it's been overwhelmingly positive.  I have fewer distractions and I enjoy impromptu in-person communication vs. conference calls.  I still have the flexibility to work from home as needed - for example if the weather is bad or if I have personal appointments close to home.  I'm appreciative of the fact that IBM offers this level of workplace flexibility and I'll continue to take full advantage of it.


James Muller said…
My friends Win and Butch Deedman used to work at IBM and they've told me that they also experienced working from home if something happened, an emergency, or if they are not feeling well.