Business value of mobile enterprise

Yankee Group has released a new study focusing on increased enterprise adoption of mobile.  Specifically:
  • 50% of companies will be increasing their budgets this year for mobile applications
  • 34% of all companies are planning to develop 10 or more applications
  • 51% of companies will be increasing their in-house development, 31% their outsourced development
  • 56% are allowing employees to access apps through public app stores, 43% are centrally distributing them directly to employees’ devices, and 36% through a private internal app store
While many studies identify "soft" benefits of mobile (increased productivity, work-life balance, attract and retain top talent), the Yankee study is more specific:

40% of companies rate the amount of time, dollars and effort involved in deploying their mobile apps as high. However, 62% say that the corresponding business value they have achieved, in terms of the impact on their organization’s revenue and profits, has been high.

There are lots of case studies on how mobile adoption is resulting in cost savings.  For example, many enterprises are moving away from hardcopy paper and going electronic through the use of tablets and the iPad in particular.  A few examples: