Forrester: 363% five year ROI of IBM Worklight

The explosion of mobile devices is driving an increased need for mobile applications.  For example, Apple's App Store now has over 800,000 mobile applications.  Mobile application developers have lots of choices for the type of applications (native, hybrid, HTML, web) as well as the development environment that is used (Native API/SDK, PhoneGap, HTML5, Mobile Application Platform).  However, it can be expensive and time-consuming to develop mobile applications for multiple mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry).   Mobile Applications Platforms like IBM Worklight are designed to enable companies to develop, connect,  run and manage mobile applications across different device platforms and form factors.

But exactly how many can you save by using a Mobile Application Platform and what are the benefits?  A free report from Forrester answers this question and found a 363% five year ROI of using IBM Worklight to develop a mobile application for four mobile platforms vs. developing using the native API/SDK.  Benefits include:

  • Cost savings of multiplatform app development and integration.
  • App maintenance and upgrade cost savings
  • Content maintenance cost savings
  • Sunk costs for additional applications
  • Cost savings from leveraging internal resources to develop applications vs. outsourcing

  • A ROI calculator is available for free from IBM to allow you to create your own ROI.  IBM Worklight Developer Edition can be downloaded from IBM at no charge.