CDM Mobility Summit 2013 summary

I presented at the CDM Mobility Summit in Miami, Florida on November 12-13, 2013.   IBM co-sponsored the conference and Dianne Del Rosso, IBM MobileFirst Director, presented the opening keynote on a "Strategic Guide to Becoming a Mobile Enterprise."   I led a roundtable discussion on the best practices of mobile technology leaders that leveraged the recent IDC study and online assessment tool.  Of the roughly 30 clients in attendance at my session, only 2 qualified themselves as mobile technology leaders.  Most clients I speak with  are struggling with developing an enterprise strategy for leveraging mobile both inside and outside the company and obtaining executive approval and funding to move forward with implementations.   In the interactive discussion we shared best practices and critical success factors.  I've included a copy of the presentation below.

In addition to leading the roundtable discussion, I participated in over a dozen one-on-one sessions with attendees on a variety of IBM MobileFirst topics including strategy, security, BYOD, applications, network, cloud, analytics, collaboration and unified communication - just to name a few.  Of particular interest from many attendees was the acquisition of Fiberlink by IBM that was announced on Wednesday.

Unlike most events I attend with thousands of attendees, the CDM Mobility Summit was significantly smaller with 50 attendees.   The smaller size led to smaller, more intimate discussions as well as an opportunity to connect at some level with all the attendees.