Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Apple AirPods wireless headphones - thumbs up!

I've been using the new Apple AirPods headphones for a week now and I'm a fan. I ordered the Apple AirPods online on December 13, the first day of preorders. The delivery date was January 12 but the AirPods arrived at my home early on January 4.

The AirPods fit my ears perfectly like the similar wired Apple EarPods. I've used the AirPods at the gym and in my home office on conference calls and find them comfortable to wear. Sound and microphone quality is a step above the stock Apple EarPods and is very good.

Pairing with all my Apple devices - iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch was a simple one step process - open the AirPods case and tap on my iPhone screen. However, I ran into problems when trying to connect to different Apple devices, particularly my Apple Watch. After a few days, most of the problems went away except for connecting to the Apple Watch which has been consistently problematic for me on multiple watches (Series 0, Series 2) and multiple headphones (AirPods and Beats Wireless Studio).

I really like the charging/carrying case to keep the AirPods together and charged. I wish, however, that the case wasn't rounded at the bottom so it could stand up on my desk. I'm considering purchasing the new Spigen AirPod charging stand when it is released next month.

  • Easy, fast setup for all Apple devices sharing the same iCloud id
  • Innovative charging and storage case
  • Very good sound quality
  • Pairs with non Apple devices via Bluetooth

  • A double tap to mute feature would be useful for conference calls. Learn more about AirPod settings on
  • Won't fit everyone's ears 
  • Some difficulties switching between devices (e.g. Apple Watch) 


Admin said...

Doesn't they drop out of the ears if you move your head?

Chris Pepin said...

Not for me. I wear the AirPods to workout at the gym and haven't had a problem. That said, the AirPods don't fit everyone.