Allagash Brewery Tour 2017

I embarked on a weekend trip from Connecticut to Maine with a group of fellow craft beer buddies to visit the following breweries:
  1. Treehouse 
  2. Trillium
  3. Maine Beer
  4. Foundation
  5. Allagash
  6. Battery Steele
  7. Barreled Souls
  8. Tributary

Many of these breweries are among the highest rated breweries in the country according to Beeradvocate. Allagash was the only brewery with a tour and it was one of the highlights of the trip. Other highlights included the "Soup Nazi" experience at Treehouse (on the day I visited, only a predefined set of 10 cans was available for purchase) and the barrel-aged beers and table shuffleboard.

My favorite beers of the trip included Treehouse "Green", Maine Beer "Lunch" and Barreled Souls "Death Star 3"