Chris leads workplace as a service adoption and executive technology support for the IBM Office of CIO. Chris and his team drive awareness and adoption of workplace and mobile tools for IBM's 400,000 worldwide employees in addition to providing executive Information Technology support for IBM's senior executives. A key focus is the ability to work anywhere, anytime from both corporate and personally owned (BYOD) devices including smartphones, tablets and Macintosh and Windows computers. Prior work experience includes IBM MobileFirst Services, Lotus Development Corporation and IBM Global Financing.  Chris has over 20 years experience with workplace and collaboration technologies and over 10 years experience with mobile and social technologies. Chris resides in the New York City metro area with his wife and three children, is an avid skier and old-time radio buff. About.me

Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Connecticut and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Math/Computers Science from Stonehill College.  

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