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Friday, February 21, 2014

Why I bought a new laptop and a new desktop computer in the "post PC era"

I recently bought both a new Windows laptop and desktop:
The Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 is for work and earned an editors choice award from CNET.  Right now it's used for testing and demos until the IBM CIO's approves Windows 8 for employee use.   It's a fantastic laptop: thin, light, powerful and with a gorgeous high-resolution display.

The HP desktop replaces a Gateway desktop I purchased a little over three years ago which had started exhibiting hardware problems including a crashed hard drive.  Since I needed more storage space and wanted to upgrade to Windows 8 anyway (the Gateway was running Windows 7) I decided to purchase a new desktop rather than putting more money into a three year old sick desktop.   This is the only PC in our home (my son has a Chromebook for school) and is used daily for web browsing, paying bills and keeping track of finances.   The desktop also serves as my home media server (photos, music and video).    I use a cloud backup service (Carbonite) to backup over 1GB of data.  I also use iTunes Music Match and Google Play Music.   I use Google Play play my old time radio collection since iTunes Music Match doesn't support MP3's less than 96Kbps 

Truth be told, my wife and kids use their mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini) far more than our desktop PC and I did consider not replacing it.  All of the task could be performed on smartphone or tablet, leveraging cloud storage.  However, cloud storage is fairly expensive.  For example Amazon charges $500 a year for 1 TB of storage.  That said, with PC sales continuing to sink, more and more users are clearly not replacing their existing PC as they are using them less or not at all.  I'm probably not the typical use case.  In the end, I decided to by the new HP desktop and our family has been happy with the decision.

While I'm a heavy user of my Apple iPhone and Android and iPad tablets at work,  I can't get all my work done on these devices.  I need a PC operating system like Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh.  Why? There are a number of applications that I use for business that either aren't available or lack key capabilities.  That said, the gap continues to close.  For some, there is no gap and they've migrated 100% to mobile and the cloud.

I'm interested in your thoughts.   Have you gone 100% mobile (mobile only) or are you mobile first? (leveraging a PC when needed)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Intel Ultrabooks

Intel Ultrabooks have begun to hit store shelves.  Examples include the Asus Zenbook, Acer Aspire S, Lenovo U300s and Toshiba Portege Z830.  What exactly is an Ultrabook?  It's a thin and light ultra portable laptop meant to respond to ARM-based tablets (e.g. instant on, great battery life).   The Ultrabooks shipping this year are consumer focused.  Next year, business-grade Ultrabooks with features like VPro, VGA and Ethernet jacks will start to appear as will touchscreens and hybrids with Windows 8.   The comparison to the Apple MacBook Air (also powered by Intel chips) is obvious.   Don't confuse Ultrabooks with netbooks.  The average price of a new Ultrabook is ~$1,000 while a typical netbook can be had for less than $500.

If anyone has an Ultrabook or considering purchasing one, I'd be interested in your thoughts.